Don't Get caught WITHOUT A BACKUP
Like I did!

I've had it happen to me. I know first hand that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize that the important project files you were working on are gone. It doesn't matter whether somebody deleted them by accident or the hard drive failed or the operating system or some other program went berserk and destroyed or corrupted your files.

All you can think of is "Oh My God! I NEED those files! What am I going to do now?!?"

I let myself get lazy and didnt do anything about backups and you know what it cost me? I had a catestrophic system failure and 250 Gigabytes of files that I'd spent years working on were GONE IN ONE SECOND!

I've learned my lesson though, Now I make regular backups of all my important project files, my email program and browser along with all their data and my downloads directory filled with everything I download. I am NOT going to let myself get caught Without a Backup ever again!

Backup Pro makes it easy to set up what directories or files you want to make backup copies of and where to save those backups, such as on a second hard drive or a Read/Write CD-Rom.

It only takes just a few minutes to set up and configure the backups you want it to make, then it's as simple as clicking the "Backup Now" button or setting the timer and minimizing it.

backup pro

Backup Pro is a easy to use backup  program...

  • You can use the built in timer to schedule a back-up in for any time you wish.

  • Backup Pro Can back-up any amount of folders and files,  that are anywhere on your system.

  • Backup Pro can copy the files to another location and zip them if you wish.

  • For additional security Backup Pro Will even password protect the ziped files too.
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