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The Bible: God's "How To" manual for a successful life.

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Where will you be when the gate finally closes?

Good news, You're Dead!
HUH?!? You wanna run that by me again?!

What Kind Of Garden Are You?
When God plants His word in your heart, will it grow or wither?

Two ways to go
Do you really want the way that looks easy?

Howdy Neighbour!
Are YOU my neighbour?

Honor Bound
One of the things that Jesus taught was the concept of Honor. This is something that has all but disappeared in today's societies.

The Nicodemus Factor
Just What IS a "Born again Christian" anyway?

Do You Love Me?
Has anyone ever asked you the question "Do you love me?" For those of us who are Christians (genuine followers of Jesus), then the only possible answer is an emphatic "Yes!" Why? Because Jesus made it clear that love is most important.

Well, at least I'm not freckled.
Oh NO! Not THAT!

Choose Your Destination: Cool and Comfy or Hot and Humid.
'Lord, I know I'm unworthy, but . . . ' How many prayers have you heard or said that included those words or words to that effect? The idea is that we are supposed to be humble before God and remember that we are 'just an old sinner saved by grace.' Well, if you are saved by grace, then you are NOT an old sinner! You are an EX-sinner!

Who Is This Guy?
My Testimony, Who am I and why do I preach this Gospel?

Dead Talk
There's been a lot of talk lately about an old subject, that of communicating with the dead. This is, to say the very least, an incredibly dangerous activity because people who are hurting and desperate are willing to believe almost anything, especially convincing messages from dead loved ones

Forgive That One? You're Joking!
Have you ever been angry at someone that you had a hard time being able to forgive? Or perhaps there is someone that you still have not yet been able to forgive for something? Well, Part of knowing God and having Jesus as lord of your life means following His lead in the way that we treat others, and this especially includes the idea of forgiveness.

Humble Pie
Humility is probably one of the most misunderstood and misused words and concepts in the Bible. To be humble does not mean self degradation, speaking of yourself like you were some kind of worm not worthy of being stepped on.

Who's yer daddy?
Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT all God's children! Being a child of God is a choice, NOT an automatic fact or accident of our existence. We must act on the right that we have been given to choose to become a child of God.

What part of 'Thou shalt not' don't you understand?
When God says not to do something, He has good reason.

STOP being AFRAID of God!
'Fear Not' -God

Why snakes don't have legs.
Whats this whole sin thing all about anyway?

Eternity: The Question Is Where?
Where are you going to spend forever?

You Did WHAT Again?
What do you mean 'Born Again'?!

Temptation, Benefits of
EH? Did I hear that right?