Lastdays Watch

Collecting news items and other information concerning privacy, security and the increasing signs of the end of the age that alert Christians should be aware of. Personal, civil and religious freedoms are threatened at an increasing rate. We are constantly getting closer to the conditions described in Bible Prophecy as the Last Days. Governments and companies are becoming more like Big Brother all the time. More and more of our lives are under some form of surveilance or tracking All Christians should be watching and learning more about news and current events in light of Bible Prophecy as we progress farther into the Last Days.

Last Days
Articles and Bible Studies about prophecy and what the Bible in general and Jesus in particular say about what is mistakenly referrred to as the "End of the World" and is more accurately called the "End of the age."

Things to keep an eye on and think about in these last days

The Patriot that isn't and the Chip From Hell
What's so bad about faith anyway?
Psalms 107:2, "Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;"

How's Your Temperature?
The Cold you Feel Isn't Just The Weather Anymore.

There's Got To Be A Morning After . . . Are You Sure About That?
The Cheapening of Sex and The Abdication of responsibility. Morals in the Last Days?

Who's Watching You?
It's a personal and private matter for each of us.

The Phones Have Eyes
Cellphones are cheap these days, but do they cost too much privacy?

"Neuromarketing - Big Brother, Corporate Edition"
You're On Candid Camera! ... Like it or not! ... have you thougth about life in a "surveilance society" Big Brother really is watching

"The days of Noah"
Are we there yet?

"Keeping Up With The Breakthroughs"
Have we lost sight of some of the values we need to keep?

"It's Time To Get REALLY Mad!"
Americans, You're Freedoms Are Being Trampled Again!

"The Slipery Slopes Of Government"

"Marriages Made In Hell"

"Waxing Colder"

"The Fight Goes On"
Hearts are really starting to freeze.

" A Chip In Time Saves NONE!"
RFID chips mean more than a loss of privacy. They are probably the technology of the "mark of the beast"

" Spiritual Evisceration"
Cold, Empty Hearts.

"Euthanize The Chip, NOT People!"

"Another Step on The Slope"

"The Games People Play."


"The Matrix: Not Just a Movie Anymore"

"It's Later Than You Think."
More signs of the end of the age.

"Minding Your Business"
Another step toward the surveilance society of the last days

"From Life And Truth To Lies And Death"

"More Steps On The Slippery Slope."

"Hypocricy, Cadavers And Where Our Rights Are going"  
Can you hear the sound of toilets flushing?

"Big Brother Continues to Grow"
Can you hear the sound of toilets flushing?

"If Paul could see us now..."
Wait, He Did!

"Cold Season"

"Down The Rabbit Hole"

"Who's Watching You?"

Today's Oxymoron: "Necessary Evil"

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Yet Another Step

The Surveilance Society

Iniquity Everywhere

Are We There Yet?

Cloning and Another Privacy Loss

Iniquity Reigning  New