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Please Excuse the lack of organization, I am in the middle of redesigning this links page.

On this page you'll find links to Christian Ministries, organizations, business and personal pages.

A Peculiar Place Linking Policy:

I'll be more than happy to list *almost* any Christian or Christian Friendly site, Just use this "Email Me" link to let me know the details and I'll be glad to add your link.

Note: By default, all links will have rel="nofollow" in them unless the site in question has a crawlable "do follow" link to one or more pages on

If your site links to with a link that is crawlable and "do follow" (i.e. it's not a nofollow link and it's located where search spiders can "crawl" it.), just use the email to let me know (please include the url of the page where the link is.) and I'll make sure that the link to your site is moved to the "Verified Link Partners" section and remove the rel="nofollow" from it.

I realize that this may seem a bit mercenary, but the way search engines are behaving these days, it is very important to be careful of your linking policy.

Verified Link Partners

Lura's Bookcase
A Great Collection of Christian writings and Bible Studies that literally explore the gospel in plain talk.
Mixminion Message Sender
A Windows gui interface for Mixminion designed to make life easier for Windows Mixminion users.
A UnSeen World, The grace of God in prophecy fulfilled
A look at the world of the supernatural from a biblical perspective. Explores this world and the odd things that occur from the viewpoint of biblical truths.
Domain Carryout
Premium Domain names for sale suitable for all of your business needs
Healing Testimonies
Save someone's life today by sharing your healing testimonies with us.
Your Healing Testimonies will give someone hope and strength to endure
and overcome the same HELL you went through

Assorted Christian Links

While return links have not been found on these sites, this portion of the list of Christian sites is still valuable, useful sites.
Note: The sites listed below are linked with rel="nofollow".
If your site is among them and you woud like the nofollow
removed please see the linking policy at the top of the page

Salvation message: Jesus Explained

Faith, the final frontier...
These are the voyages of the human race; whose continuing mission is to trust God in all areas and not waver, to seek out new insights from His Word, and to boldly offer Salvation to all who'll listen.
paraphrase by Graham Pockett (with apologies to Gene Roddenberry)
Abide in Christ Free Bible Studies & Sermons
Hundreds of free sermons, Bible studies & daily devotionals for Christian living.
Christian Clothing
Alternative Christian Clothing, specializing in cool Christian T-Shirts and Christian Accessories and special deals for your group fundraising. Jesus Christ is God. He is alive, and loves you more than you love yourself.
Sharing information about time from the Bible
Christian Cartoons - Over 1,000 Poems - MORE...
For Joy, Inspiration, Peace, and Comfort to ALL
Christian Lyrics, CCM Music
Christian Lyrics Online
Christ Centered
The Writings of Charles and Datha Darby
Favor Minded Ministries - Don't Be Left Behind!

Use the link if you want to skip the flash intro. (Recommended)
Entertain Your Belief
The Gospel Station
Southern Gospel Music Radio
Into Thy Word Ministries
Christian Internet Radio
John Mark Ministries
Over 14,000 Christian articles
Larry Ollison Ministries
Larry Ollison Ministries
Learn the Bible
Bible study resorces
The Living Vine
The Living Vine Church. Pastor Thomas E. Miles
The Loving Heart
Devotionals, Bible Studies and More.
My Christian Walk
My Christian Walk
Fun and Faith at Peggie's Place!
Resources for Christian Teachers
The Story of Jesus
The One Stop Resource for Christians
Serving GOD's Kingdom
Seek God: Research articles and Bible Studies
Spreading Light Ministries
Spreading Light to a Darkened World - 200 Top Christian Web Sites on one Page
USA Church
An online community designed to connect Christians with Christian churches, schools and businesses in their local community.
We Spread The Word
Spreading God's Word
WOAK Godly Christian Radio
Online Christian Radio
World English Bible
The GodSpeaks campaign
Propelled by the creation of 10,000 billboards in more than 200 cities, myriad newspaper articles and special news reports from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, has become a cultural and spiritual phenomenon.
Gleanings From the Word

Television Ministries:

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Trinity Broadcasting Network

Benny Hinn Ministries on-line

Jesse Duplantis Ministries

Jerry Savelle Ministries International

Jack Van Impe Ministries International

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