Mixminion Message Sender 2

Working in Tcl/Tk 8.4.13 http://www.tcl.tk
with Visual Tcl http://vctl.sourceforge.net
Both are available in Windows versions which makes this version of MMS cross-platform.

Like the win32 version, this one is open-source under the terms of the Gnu General Public License Version 2, June 1991

Right now, development is primarily aimed at duplicating all of the functionality of the windows version. I'm making progress, in that it works, but things like first and last hop selection are not in yet and none of the SURB functions are in.

It's also not reading a config file on startup yet, and so has no settings that can be saved between runs. On the other hand, there are now four choices for mail2news gateway, unfortunately the formatting specific to each one must be done manually on the Newsgroups: line

There's another item I haven't gotten yet called freewrap (also a sourceforge project) that is used to create stand-alone executables from Tcl/Tk code... including windows executables as well.

Here's the current Tcl/Tk source mms2.rar Ideas, suggestions and code are welcome.

MD5: 77 36 61 ef 2e da 46 a3 00 1e 0f 4d ce 44 01 5c
SHA-1: 1575 53f7 0b8a 683f 9375 8b5e b1d2 f0b2 78f3 9e09
(computed using functions in GPGShell)

Here's a screenshot of what I've got so far:

mm2 version 2 screenshot

Freenet users can also get this file anonymously with FUQID using this key

I haven't gotten an actual changelog started yet (lazy of me I know, I need to start one before I do anything else.), but here's the current state of the 'todo' list:

Development of this version is temporarily on hold, but what's done so far works on Debian Sarge, I haven't yet tested it on Windows

first goal is to duplicate functionality of the windows version.

+ = done.
- - - = not done.
o = partly done, working but not complete.

 + finish 'reply to clipboard'
 + add 'clear on send' button (default on)
 + add support for 'from:' lines in 'makecmdline'

 o add date conversion for m2n's that need dates.
 o add menu -- file, edit, mixminion, options, help
 o add queue management: clean, flush (some or all), inspect

 o add mail2news droplist (currently a spinbox, but it works)
 - fix newsgroups format based on m2n chosen
 - warn user when xposting to single-group m2n
 - warn user when xposting more than max groups per m2n
 o add to edit menu: cut, copy, paste, paste-as-quote, select all
 - add SURB functions: create, send, delete, inspect, add from file or 
 - Add decode function (for both SURB msgs and to remove 'dash escape')
 - add siglines
 - add edit mixminonrc function
 - add droplists for: from, to, and newsgroups and 'add' buttons for each
 - add 'queue only' function
 - Add delete tempfiles... upgrade to wipe/shred when possible.
 - add kill tempfiles button
 - specify last hop
 - specify first hop
 - specify entire chain

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