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Armor of God
A series of Bible Studies on The Armor of God

This means war! - Introduction to the study of God's Armor.
There is a spiritual war going on and it's time to get your armor on!

Put your Shield up! - Using the shield of faith keeps God between you and fiery darts

The Christian shield of faith stands between us and the fiery darts of the wicked or flaming missiles of the evil one that keeps us safe from the attacks and temptations that we face every day.

Surgery 101

While all too often it is neglected, the word of God is (or should be) the centerpiece of the Christians' life. It contains a history of how others have both failed and succeeded in achieving God's will. It literally contains the mind of God, a written record of His love for us, and how He wants us to live. In His word, He give us loving fatherly advice for obtaining wisdom, true happiness, and prosperity and divine heath. It is truly the light that guides our walk through life

Rest In Peace - Firm footing in the Good News of Peace

It is also the ability to rest spirit, mind, and body, knowing that God has accepted us because of the sacrifice of Jesus and that we have citizenship in the kingdom of heaven. It is knowing that God will provide all of our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ (The Anointed One and His Anointing), Jesus

The Righteous Plate - The truth of righteousness as part of the armor of God

If you ask most Christians, if they are righteous, a lot of them will tell you that they try to be righteous as much as possible. The truth is however that YOUR righteousness is nothing but sin, you need God's righeousness. Look at the Bible and learn The truth of righteousness as part of the armor of God

Sword of Power - The Word of God is your Sword of the spirit

So far in this series about the armor of God, we've looked at the defensive and supportive parts of the armor, but just as a soldier would be a fool to leave his weapon home and go to war with only his armor on, we also need the weapon that goes with our armor. The born again child of God has a weapon that is just as much a part of the armor as the helmet, breastplate, or shield. And that is the Word of God. The king James calls it 'the sword of the Spirit', and while that's good, the amplified translation makes it more clear

< Wrapped up in The Truth - Truth is something God expects from all of us. Liars will end up in the lake of fire.

There are too many people today that only bother with the truth when it's convenient to them or won't stand in the way of something they want to do. Even among people who claim to be born again believers there are people that will not hesitate to 'tell a little white lie' to spare someone's feelings or to keep from getting into trouble. We're living in a time when truth, and the concept of being truthful is almost alien to most people

Get your Helmet! - gain the right to become a child of God

The First step in Preparation for War. Just what is salvation and why do we need it? What do people mean when they say 'Jesus saves'? To be 'saved' is to gain the right to become a child of God and all that implies

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Authority of The Believer:

The Authority of the believer. Jesus gave us great rights and the priveledge to use His name and His authority. Sadly, many Christians don't even KNOW about this authority!

God isn't GOING to heal anybody! - Why you DON'T have to live with sickness and disease

God isn't GOING to heal anybody!. He already did! Why you DON'T have to live with sickness and disease.

The Power in a Name. - Who gave you the right to use the authority to speak in the name of Jesus

The Power in a Name.. Who said you could do that? 'In the name of Jesus' People use this phrase in prayer a lot, but how many really understand the full impact of what it means. Who gave you the right to use the authority to speak in the name of Jesus?

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Bible Study Guide

A guide to Bible study that talks about the tools involved and how to use them.

What do you mean? [strongs number 5547]? - A look at a tool for serious Bible study

Most people have forgotten that the Bible was not written in English. Therefore they do not make use of the language references that can make Bible meanings so much more clear.

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The Bible in The Modern World and the Last Days: Bible based commentary on the modern world and the last days

Philistines! - What is Mr. Arafat really trying to become?

Mr Arafat and the palestinians, along with islamic anti jewish terrorist groups who are trying to be modern philistines, want to own the land that belongs to the nation of israel. Land that God gave the children of israel when he destroyed the real philistines.

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Christian Living

Studies of what the Bible has to say about how we as Christians should live our lives

Why Snakes Dont Have Legs. - The cost of sin.

God, knowing that being alone is not good for Adam, creates a helper and companion..God gave the right to eat of every tree in the garden but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

STOP being AFRAID of God! - Dont fear and be in terror of Him

People believe that God wants us afraid, cowering in fear and terror lest He strike us dead or afflict us with some horrible fate. Nothing could be further from the truth. God does not want us in terror of Him.

Choose Your Destination: Cool and Comfy or Hot and Humid.

'The idea is that we are supposed to be humble before God and remember that we are 'just an old sinner saved by grace.'.if you are saved by grace, then you're NOT an old sinner! You're an EX-sinner!

Dead Talk - Don't go to the dead, go to the source of Life.

There's been a lot of talk lately about an old subject, that of communicating with the dead. This is, to say the very least, an incredibly dangerous activity because people who are hurting and desperate are willing to believe almost anything, especially convincing messages from dead loved ones.

Eternity: The Question is Where? - Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Are you with Jesus or against Him? Are you studying and praying? Are you witnessing and preaching the gospel? Jesus gave clear instructions to His followers that we are to go into all the world and preach the gospel Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Forgive That One? You're Joking! - Forgiveness is NOT a choice, It's a Requirement!!

Have you ever been angry at someone that you had a hard time being able to forgive? Or perhaps there is someone that you still have not yet been able to forgive for something? Well, Part of knowing God and having Jesus as lord of your life means following His lead in the way that we treat others, and this especially includes the idea of forgiveness.

Who's yer daddy? - We are NOT all God's children!

We are NOT all God's children! Being a child of God is a choice...We must act on the right that we have been given to choose to become a child of God. He wants to be our Father, but lets us decide to be his child

Honor Bound - God and You Bound forever together

One of the things that Jesus taught was the concept of Honor. This is something that has all but disappeared in today's societies.

Humble Pie - Humility Doesn't mean you are not worthy of God loving you

Humble Pie. Humility is probably one of the most misunderstood and misused words and concepts in the Bible. To be humble does not mean self degradation, it means accepting the truth of what God says is yours.

What part of 'Thou shalt not' don't you understand?

What part of 'Thou shalt not' don't you understand?. A lot of people have the idea that God is some kind of a 'killjoy' because they think that He has put a 'thou shalt not' in front of all the things that they like to do. This however is not true. He has said 'thou shalt not' to several things though, and all for very good reason.

Well, at least I'm not freckled. - With no more reason or wit than a cow with an upset stomach.

The words landed on my ears leaving me in stunned shock.

Howdy Neighbour! - Jesus taught we should love our neighbours, ALL of them!

Who Is My Neighbour? In the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus taught that everyone we meet is our neighbour and that loving your neighbour is a foundation of all of God's Law.

The Nicodemus Factor - What do you mean born AGAIN?!

What do you mean born AGAIN?! Does a person really have to be born again? In a nutshell: If you are not born again, you do NOT see the kingdom of God! Period.

You Did WHAT Again? -Just What Is a 'Born again Christian'?

People hear the phrase 'Born Again' in church and when they are around people who believe the Bible. How many of them understand what it means to be 'Born Again', or reborn and made new.

Temptation, Benefits of - Temptation is a problem for all of us. In The Bible God blessed us with the crown of life to those who overcome temptation

in the Bible, the book of James, is where to start to study temptation and that there are actually benefits of temptation. In the end, God gives blessings to those who overcome temptation.

Two ways to go - Do you really want the way that looks easy?

Just because it's easy doesn't make it right.

Who Is This Guy? - When I first met God, why I became a Christian and preach His Gospel.

My first serious encounter with God was when I was nine. That is when I found out that God was not angry with me and did NOT want to send me to hell. Instead I learned that He loved me enough to die for me.

Do You Love Me? - Jesus wants us to love one another

Has anyone ever asked you the question Do you love me? For those of us who are Christians (genuine followers of Jesus), then the only possible answer is an emphatic "Yes!" Why? Because Jesus made it clear that love is most important.

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Last Days

Studying the Bible prophecies and teachings related to the time referred to as 'The Last Days' or 'The End of The World' and what Jesus and the prophets had to say about His return.

Jesus and the end of the world.

There's a lot of talk about the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus, but what does this really mean? Jesus was asked about it by his disciples, and people have been asking about it since

The Great Escape - Will Jesus Return When You Think He Will? - Probably NOT!

There is a very popular theory being preached these days, That Jesus will return for His church just before the beginning of the great tribulation..comforting..also a very dangerous way of thinking.

Virgin Test - Wise virgin or foolish, Are you ready for Jesus to return?

I've heard many sermons based on the parable of the ten virgins. Almost inevitably the five wise virgins are considered representative of those of us who have put our faith in Jesus, and that the five foolish represent people who have not accepted Jesus. Lately I've spent some time studying this parable and have realized that the parable of the ten virgins has very little if anything to do with the unsaved, it's talking about Christians!

When will the living be judged? - Judgement, Heaven and the lake of fire

When all is said and done, all people, righteous and sinners will stand before a righteous God and be judged. Those who know Jesus as Lord will enter heaven. Sinners will be cast into the lake of fire.

I WON'T change and you CAN'T make me! - The Putrid Church

There is a problem in the church today. Laodicea had the same problem long ago. Finally God sent them a note about the changes they had to make.

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Mind of Christ

Lose your mind and change to this one! God has given us a great gift, The Mind of Christ. When we decide to become a christian, we have to change our minds and how we think. By ourselves we cannot do this, but with God's help we can.

Have you LOST your MIND? - We have to change our minds

Have you LOST your MIND?. A popular preacher once said that in order to become a Christian, you have to lose your mind, and while you don't have to lose it in the sense of going insane, you do have to change it.

Renovation Time - Its time to change

Renovation Time. Simply put, we can, and in fact should BE a "know it all"! How do we accomplish this feat of transformation? By ourselves and our own efforts, we cannot, but we can with God's help. And He has given us nothing less than His own Spirit to help us.

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Miscellaneous Topics

General articles that don't have a section of their own.

God And Virtual Reality - God is a creator, we are made in His image

Have you ever wondered why Virtual Reality is so fascinating to some? You might as well wonder about anything that involves creating something.

The First Temptation of Jesus

Here's something people don't think about much, Jesus had to be tempted just as much as we are and in the same ways

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Prayer & Praise:

These articles cover the topics of prayer and praise. What God expects of us when we pray, and what it really means to praise. Prayer is more than you talk, God listen. Praise is more that repeating praise you Lord

Hey God! My knees hurt!

Well, brother, you know you've got to 'pray through'.Pray through to what? Pray until you're sure God heard you? BZZZT! Wrong Answer! God heard you even before you asked!

Talk to God? HOW?! - Prayer is more than you talk, God listens.

Prayer is more than you talk, God listens. It is a two way conversation that most christians do not really understand. Jesus gave us a prayer guide in his teaching known as The Lord's Prayer.

Praise? What's that? - an awful lot of us have somehow missed the point

The scene is the same in churches all over. The preacher says something like 'lets all praise the Lord.', and everybody gets out of their seats, raise their hands and begin to say, sing chant, and shout things like: 'praise you Lord', 'praise Jesus', 'praise God', and so on.

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Security in The Modern age

For Christians and everyone else. Have a look at how Christians need to think about computer security especially in the last days that we live in now. examines programs like zonealarm and pretty good privacy for encryption. and how to stay in touch in the last days.

Christian Security in The Last Days

Strong email encryption when Christians live in secret

Pretty Good Privacy: Strong Encryption Made Easy

PGP uses the concept of public and private key pair encryption. This means that any pgp key has two parts. One is a 'public' key that may be freely distributed to anyone. The other is the 'private' key that only the owner has.

The House With Sixty-Five Thousand Doors - security is worth the time

there are over sixty five thousand 65,000 doorways into your computer. These doorways are known as ports. They are digital pathways that information going into and out of your computer must take. security is worth the time

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Short Stories & Poetry

Short stories that range from the untold story of Joseph, the Highest Gift God could give, to the Nightmare of going to hell and the lake of fire.

The Highest Gift. - The greatest gift of all

The Highest Gift. The greatest gift of all - The true meaning of Christ-mas

Nightmare Just Another Day... Or Is it?

Like just another day it started. But then it quickly turned into a nightmare. What starts out as a disater goes from bad to worse. A crash, explosion, ball of fire. life death, good vs evil in the horror of hell and the miracle of going to heaven.

Joseph, The Untold story - A Father's Christmas Story

Joseph, The Untold story. The marriage was arranged. That was the custom in those days. The parents of the prospective couple would talk and negotiate things, and the decision was made

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Translating Christ

Who is Jesus? Is 'Christ' His last name? Study and learn that 'Christ' tells who Jesus is without ever being His name. Starting in the book of Mathew, the word that is translated 'christ' is studied. Along the way we learn that it is not Jesus' last name. Instead of a name, 'christ' defines clearly who Jesus is.

Jesus' last name is NOT 'Christ'!

if you follow Hebrew tradition, Jesus full name spoken in Hebrew would be 'Yeshua bar Yosef', or Jesus son of Joseph.So where does the word 'Christ' come into it?

Translating Christ - Christ is not Jesus name

This series of Articles will examine the meanings and implications of each use of the word "Christ" in the New Testament. The word 'Christ' is used over 571 times in 532 verses of the King James New Testament. For a word that is so closely associated with Jesus to be used that much implies a much greater meaning and impact than being part of His name.

Translating Christ Matthew 16:13-20 - Christ is not Jesus name, but it does show who He is.

The meanings and implications of each use of the word "Christ" in the New Testament. The word 'Christ' is used over 571 times in 532 verses of the King James New Testament. For a word that is so closely associated with Jesus to be used that much implies a much greater meaning and impact than being part of His name.

Translating 'Christ' Matthew 22:41-46 - Christ isnt a name, it's Jesus whom God sent and anointed.

The word Christ is one of the ways that God tells us who Jesus is. Translating Christ from the original Greek gives us a meaning that will put new life into Bible Study.

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