God And Virtual Reality

Why do we love creativity so much?

by Edward Langenback

© 04/27/03

Someone once asked me what was the fascination with 'Virtual Reality'. I tried to explain why I enjoy building and playing with virtual reality type environments and honestly, I failed miserably because I did not fully understand it myself. All I knew was that I found great pleasure in creating virtual worlds, and then experiencing them from the inside in a game setting.

Then one day my wife and I were talking about questions that we would someday like to ask God simply because we're interested in what He would say and one that came to mind was "I wonder what kind of games God likes to play?" The words were barely spoken when the next question presented itself "What does God think of virtual reality?"

These questions surprized me at first, but then I thought "Wait a minute, God made man in His own Image and after His own likeness. This means that man would naturally have the same kind of attributes that God has." In the Bible one of the very first things that we learn about God is that He is the Creator and that we and our entire world are His creations. Since when He created mankind God used Himself as the model for making mankind.

It's easy to see that God gave man the same desire to express himself through creation that He has. All you have to do is look around and find paintings, music, writing, architecture, and even something as simple as a child proudly presenting something to a parent proclaiming "Lookit what I made!"

Mankind's own creativity is one of the greatest testimonies of the great things that God has given us, because it shows something that He has given us that no other creation has.