"Keeping Up With The Breakthroughs"

Have we lost sight of some of the values we need to keep?

by Edward Langenback

© 03/19/04

Here's a thoughtfull look at some of what we humans have gotten into in these last days and the single most important resource that we are destroying.

A thought provoking item (and i'm not just saying that because my wife wrote it either!) <g>

- - - - -=\-=\-=\ The Child Shall Lead Them If the child survives, that is. By Lura Langenback

If someone were to come back to life from one hundred years ago, they would be shocked to see so many weird things, such changes that this world would seem incredibly alien to them. So much has happened, in fact, that we are running to keep up with the breakthroughs. It seems that every week, new technology is available, new cures are happening, lifesaving measures are available to those who are hurting. We can do so much more than in "the good old days." We are able to save lives instead of lose them to unthinkable diseases and accidents. God bless us for that. Yet, in the race to win, which is after all what is occurring, have we lost sight of some of the values we need to keep?

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