"A Chip In Time Saves NONE!"


by Edward Langenback

© 07/24/04

It's getting clearer and clearer that we're in the last days and the time is growing short. Once again, there is evidence that not only is the technology required to implement what could easily be the mark of the beast described in Revelation 13, but that the idea of such a thing is becoming more and more acceptable to more people all the time.

Christians know that the Bible teaches that such a mark will be required at some point. And that no one will be able to buy or sell without it. The Bible also teaches that ALL who accept this mark are choosing eternal damnation in the lake of fire by doing so.

It's surprizing how easy it is to make something like this seem like a good idea. All you have to do is present some very attractive arguments.

"Identity Theft" is something that has been made a lot of by credit card companies lately. Just WHY do you suppose so much is being made of "Identity Theft"? This is NOT a new crime, it's just a new, more serious sounding name for a series of crimes that have been with us as long as people have carried anything that represents money like checks or credit cards do.

This part of the argument is that using a system like this to keep track of money means nobody can steal my checkbook or credit card. They'll say that it eliminates fraud and financial theft of any kind. It'll look Really attractive because it's implanted under the skin and cannot be lost or stolen. The convenience of simply waving your hand past a scanner instead of writing out checks or even signing credit card receipts will seem too good to be true.

Proponents of such a system will say that by using implanted Identification chips it will be possible to be absolutely certain that everything from classified documents and financial data to military hardware of every description can not be obtained by someone who does not have the right digital ID chip implanted in them.

Oh, and lets not forget that something like this will make it easier than ever to identify and locate anyone considered a criminal or terrorist element. In this post 9-11 era, that alone will sell a lot of people who are tired of being afraid of when something might happen.

The downside that nobody ever seems to mention, is that a system like this can track so many things about you.

What you buy.
Where you buy it.
What you sell.
Who you sell it to.
Where you are when the transactions were made (point-of-sale scanners or via internet)

And oh, by the way... If the powers that control such a system decide that you don't have a right to buy something, then you can't. All the government has to do is require all money to be handled by this 'Implanted Chip' style identicfication system.

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02/26/2002 - Updated 08:53 PM ET

Human computer chip studied

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Florida technology company is poised to ask the government for permission to market a first-ever computer ID chip that could be embedded beneath a person's skin.

For airports, nuclear power plants and other high security facilities, the immediate benefits could be a closer-to-foolproof security system. But privacy advocates warn the chip could lead to encroachments on civil liberties.

Full Article:
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I, Chip?
Technology to Meld Chips into Humans Draws Closer
By Paul Eng

Feb. 25 - It's 10 p.m. You may not know where your child is, but the chip does.

The chip will also know if your child has fallen and needs immediate help. Once paramedics arrive, the chip will also be able to tell the rescue workers which drugs little Johnny or Janie is allergic to. At the hospital, the chip will tell doctors his or her complete medical history.

And of course, when you arrive to pick up your child, settling the hospital bill with your health insurance policy will be a simple matter of waving your own chip -- the one embedded in your hand.

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Just in case you're thinking that this is mere fiction or speculation that will probably never actually happen. It already has begun!

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Posted 7/14/2004 5:43 PM Updated 7/14/2004 6:51 PM
Mexican attorney general personally goes high-tech for security
By Will Weissert, Associated Press

MEXICO CITY - Security has reached the subcutaneous level for Mexico's attorney general and at least 160 people in his office - they have been implanted with microchips that get them access to secure areas of their headquarters.

Chips implanted in Mexico's attorney general Carlos Altamirano and his employees allow access to secure areas.

It's a pioneering application of a technology that is widely used in animals but not in humans.

Mexico's top federal prosecutors and investigators began receiving chip implants in their arms in November in order to get access to restricted areas inside the attorney general's headquarters, said Antonio Aceves, general director of Solusat, the company that distributes the microchips in Mexico.

Full Article:
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A recent survey on http://www.iwon.com showed some frightening results.


Survey for Sun, Jul 18, 2004
Human Chip Implants
Mexico's attorney general and at least 160 people in his office have each been implanted with a microchip that allows them access to secure areas of their headquarters. In the past, the biggest security problem for Mexican law enforcement has been corruption by officials. The implanted chips could provide more certainty about exactly who accesses sensitive information. (AP)

What do you think of this idea?

20% - Great idea
32% - Good idea
24% - Bad idea
21% - I'm not sure
3% - I don't care

Eventually, the microchip company hopes to provide Mexican officials with implantable chips that track their physical location to reduce the risk of kidnappings. (AP)

What do you think of this idea?

22% - Great idea
33% - Good idea
24% - Bad idea
19% - I'm not sure
2% - I don't care

In addition to controlling authorized access to buildings, microchip manufacturers say the chips could one day function as tamper-proof personal identification to be used in airports, as ATM or credit cards, or even to provide keyless entry to vehicles.

Assuming implanted chips could function as described above, would you allow a chip to be implanted in you?

22% - Yes
52% - No
25% - I'm not sure
1% - I don't care
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Revelation 13:16-17 "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

The word mark is translated from the Greek charagma {pronounced khar'-ag-mah}[strongs number 5480] meaning a scratch or etching, stamp or mark as a badge of servitude. It is derived from the Greek charax {pronounced khar'-ax}[strongs number 5482] meaning to sharpen to a point.

Charagma and the word charax that it is derived from could very easily be rendered meaning to stake down into or "stick into". Which is a good description of something being implanted by way of an under the skin injection.

Advice for Christians is clear in the words of Jesus:

Luke 21:28, "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

Advice for non-Christians is to put their trust in Jesus now. The time is growing shorter every day. Someday time and the chance to decide will run out.