"The Games People Play."

by Edward Langenback

© 11/23/04

It is said that you can tell a lot about someone and what kind of person that they are or will become by the games they play. If that is the case, then this society is in big trouble.

Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

The games we play show the kind of attitudes that we are developing, and that are being encouraged in those who play those games. When the number one selling game is the very embodiment of lawlessness, violence, disrespect for authority and general amoral or even anti-moral behavior then that says a lot about what parents are allowing their children to program themselves with.

What ever happened to games where the player is one of the 'good guys' fighting to overcome evil forces and 'bad guys' of whatever flavor?

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Group Cites Video Games for Violence, Sex
Group Urges Industry to Keep Violent Video Games Away From Kids, Educate Parents About Ratings

WASHINGTON Nov 23, 2004 - Video games that have players shoot rival gang members, watch bare-breasted women and recreate the assassination of President Kennedy were criticized Tuesday by advocacy groups that said, at the least, they should be kept away from children.

In issuing its annual report card on video games, the National Institute on Media and the Family urged the industry to educate parents better about ratings and asked retailers not to sell such games to younger teenagers.

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After reading this one has to ask, "Just how close ARE we to a police state anyway?".
How about "Are we living in one already?".

There is something MAJORLY wrong here that cannot be allowed to continue.

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Last month, Helen Chenoweth-Hage attempted to board a United Airlines flight from Boise to Reno when she was pulled aside by airline personnel for additional screening, including a pat-down search for weapons or unauthorized materials.

Chenoweth-Hage, an ultra-conservative former Congresswoman (R-ID), requested a copy of the regulation that authorizes such pat-downs.

"She said she wanted to see the regulation that required the additional procedure for secondary screening and she was told that she couldn't see it," local TSA security director Julian Gonzales told the Idaho Statesman (10/10/04).

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- - - -=\-=\-=\ Perhaps it's just me, but 'Homeland Security' isn't sounding so good anymore. They're going too far in the name of "keeping people safe from terrorism".

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Airlines Ordered to Expose Data
By Ryan Singel
02:32 PM Nov. 12, 2004 PT

Homeland security officials accidentally revealed on Friday that the Transportation Security Administration will soon officially order America's airlines to turn over a month of passenger data to test a new passenger screening system.

The final rule ordering the airlines to provide data on all June 2004 domestic flights will be issued formally on Monday by the Transportation Security Administration. The airlines must comply by Nov. 23.

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Yet another way to track and record more of your life... whether you like it and consent or not.

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WASHINGTON - Some safety and privacy experts are reacting with apprehension, others with all out condemnation over a recent ruling by the National Transportation Safety Board to require electronic data recorders or "black boxes" in all new cars manufactured in the United States.

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RFID raises it's ugly head again. ostensibly for a noble purpose, but what will it be in the end? Dare we wait to find out?

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Tiny Antennas to Keep Tabs on U.S. Drugs

The F.D.A. is expected to announce an agreement to put tiny radio antennas on the labels of medicine bottles to combat fraud.

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