"From Life And Truth To Lies And Death"

by Edward Langenback

© 03/16/05
The ten commandments are in the news again. Recent cases include Texas where a 6ft monument between the capitol and state supreme court that has been there since 1961 and Kentucky where the ten commandments have been posted in the county courthouses since back in 1999.

There is as usual, some person or organization coming along and suing to have them removed because they allegedly violate the "separation of church and state".

There are problems with that argument, most notably the fact that the constitution does NOT establish such a separation, Nor can the phrase "separation of church and state" be found anywhere in the declaration of independance OR the constitution. People who claim separation base it on some mis-interpreted wording in personal letters of Thomas Jefferson.

The only separation that is needed between church and state is that the state needs to be separated from creating a state sponsored religion (you know, like any islamic nation?) in which people are not free to follow their own beliefs if they happen to disagree with the government. Instead, separation has become a tool that is being used in a wide ranging effort to squash any practice that is fundamentalist Christian in nature... particularly anything that acknowledges God and His absolute authority, that there are absolutes of right and wrong, that we are answerable TO God for our sins (to sin being to do something that you know is wrong, regardless of what it is, from murder to lying).

For some actual TRUTH about this very important first amendment issue, have a look at these two links:



One of the things that results from allowing God to be removed from so much of life is that we lose sight of the value of life. Terri Schiavo's case is a perfect example. In a world that acknowledges and honors God, there would never be ANY question of removing her feeding tube and allowing her to starve to death.

That the one person arguing most for the removal of her feeding tube is her husband is a disgrace. It shows him to be as cold hearted as they come. He has not only dishonored his wife and his marriage, he has dishonored God. This is nothing less than conspiracy to commit murder.

Terri Schiavo may be in a coma and unable to communicate or even control her own body, but she is (as of this writing) alive. I have seen the video of her on tv. I have seen her eyes moving in response to what's going on around her. Trapped inside her ailing body is a living breathing woman who cannot communicate. She cannot cry out "I'M ALIVE, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" and those who do cry out for her have their pleas fall on deaf ears. Because of this, she will be dead soon.

This won't be a simple matter of her heart stopping or some catastrophic event that kills her. By removing her feeding tube she is being sentenced to die slowly, by starvation. Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer displayed a cold frozen heart when he disgraced his judges robes by actually giving the order to allow this horrible, needless death. It will not be quick. Instead it will take days, possibly weeks for her do die.

When God is acknowledged and honored, it is understood that where there is life, there is hope. Remove God from the picture and hope starts getting harder to find.

There is another point about this case and others like it. They are setting a dangerous precident. Buried within these so-called "right to die" and "death with dignity" cases is the plumeting value of life itself. How long before doctors are allowed to "euthanize" people if they're "too old" or "too sick" or even because the patient doesn't have insurance to cover the cost of keeping them alive. Vatican Radio quoted Cardinal Renato Martino "If Mr. Schiavo legally succeeded in provoking the death of his wife, this would not only be tragic in itself, but it would be a serious step toward legally approving euthanasia in the United States"

This is NOT a direction that we need to take even the smallest step.

There is a saying these days... "Life is cheap" and it's a damned lie. Terri Schiavo's life will probably cost several people their eternal souls due to heardening and freezing of the heart. How many people will end up dying because cases like this make it ever easier to kill the sick and elderly.

But wait! There's more.

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Court Won't Intervene in Schiavo Case
Mar 16, 3:48 PM (ET)

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - A state appeals court Wednesday refused to block the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube later this week, shifting the focus in the right-to-die dispute to the Legislature.

The 2nd District Court of Appeal in Lakeland turned down a request by Bob and Mary Schindler for a delay while they pursue further appeals, and for a new trial on their daughter's fate.

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The Terri Schiavo case is all by itself a horrible enough of an example of the frozen condition of the hearts of so many these days. However, the case of Sun Hudson is one that will break hearts if they're not too frozen cold to care about anything at all but money and convenience. Terri was at least able to live to be a married adult before her stroke. She had at least some of her life.

Sun Hudson was only five months old. He never had a chance. Giving him a shot at some kind of life was too inconvenient and / or expensive. His mother lost her battle to keep him alive. The doctors at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston MURDERED him Tuesday.

I normally don't include entire articles but I just couldn't cut this one into a snippet.
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Baby at center of life support case dies

HOUSTON, Texas (AP) -- A critically ill 5-month-old was taken off life support and died Tuesday, a day after a judge cleared the way for doctors to halt care they believed to be futile. The infant's mother had fought to keep him alive.

Sun Hudson had been diagnosed with a fatal genetic disorder called thanatophoric dysplasia, a condition characterized by a tiny chest and lungs too small to support life. He had been on a ventilator since birth.

Wanda Hudson unsuccessfully fought to continue her son's medical care. She believed he needed time to grow and could eventually be weaned off the ventilator.

"I wanted life for my son," Hudson said Tuesday. "The hospital gave up on him too soon."

Texas law allows hospitals to end life support in cases such as this but requires that families be given 10 days to find another facility to care for the patient. No hospital was found to take the baby.

The ethics committee at Texas Children's Hospital reviewed Sun's case before recommending that life support be stopped. Hospital officials also recommended the case be taken to court and offered to pay Hudson's attorney fees.

"Texas Children's Hospital is deeply saddened to report that Sun Hudson has died," the hospital said in a statement issued Tuesday.

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Is the news really news? Perhaps it is, perhaps it's propaganda (thats a fancy word for LIES designed to support something or someone.)

Two Words we should all live by... "Question Authority" If that authority is righteous then the questions will find satisfactory answers and the truth will be made available without hesitation. On the other hand UN-righteous authority will make up lies, stall, put you off, or flat out refuse to answer. Perhaps it will even try to tell you that your knowing the truth will somehow violate or endanger national security.

Rightous authority can stand the test of questions without a problem. UN-righteous authority starts to sweat and panic if you persist in asking too many of the "wrong" questions.

Remember, Just because you saw it on tv news or it looks like a news report does not make it truth. Don't quietly sit back and allow yourself to be treated like a mushroom. You do NOT have to spend your life in the dark being fed whatever excrement the powers that be and the "news media" have handy.

The so-called "news media" are involved in this up to their collective eyeballs.

I'll say it again. "Question Authority" It does not matter if that authority is the President, a judge, or your favorite tv news anchor.

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And Now, the Counterfeit News
Published: March 16, 2005

The Bush administration has come under a lot of criticism for its attempts to fob off government propaganda as genuine news reports. Whether federal agencies are purchasing the services of supposedly independent columnists or making videos extolling White House initiatives and then disguising them as TV news reports, that's wrong. But it is time to acknowledge that the nation's news organizations have played a large and unappetizing role in deceiving the public.

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This is the article that is referred to in the editorial above.

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Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged TV News
Published: March 13, 2005

It is the kind of TV news coverage every president covets.

"Thank you, Bush. Thank you, U.S.A.," a jubilant Iraqi-American told a camera crew in Kansas City for a segment about reaction to the fall of Baghdad. A second report told of "another success" in the Bush administration's "drive to strengthen aviation security"; the reporter called it "one of the most remarkable campaigns in aviation history." A third segment, broadcast in January, described the administration's determination to open markets for American farmers.

To a viewer, each report looked like any other 90-second segment on the local news. In fact, the federal government produced all three. The report from Kansas City was made by the State Department. The "reporter" covering airport safety was actually a public relations professional working under a false name for the Transportation Security Administration. The farming segment was done by the Agriculture Department's office of communications.

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