What's so bad about faith anyway?

Psalms 107:2, "Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;"

by Edward Langenback

© 12/14/03

Once Again the Anti-God crowd is jumping to squash anything that mentionns or acknowledges God in any way. These people fly the fictional flag of "Separation of Church and State", without realizing that the only manner in which church and state should be separated is that the state is not to interfere with or attempt to control the church. This of course is exactly what the state ends up doing because of this misinterpretation.

People are free to not believe in God if they so choose. However they do NOT have the right to tell those of us who do that we cannot and that is exactly what things like this add up to.

Florida Faith-Based Prison Plan Lambasted by Liberal Group
By Melanie Hunter
CNSNews.com Deputy Managing Editor
December 11, 2003

(CNSNews.com) - A plan to turn a Florida prison into a faith-based program is raising the ire of a liberal watchdog group.

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State opposes Florida Gov. Jeb Bush''s plan to convert the Lawtey Correctional Institution, a medium-security prison in Bradford County, into a facility run along religious lines.

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There is a dangerous precedent being set here. If we allow "conspicuous religious signs" to be banned in this manner, how long will it be before any indication or expression of faith is forbidden? How long before you can get arrested for believing in God and acting on that belief?

French headscarf ban recommended

Muslim girls in France could be barred from wearing headscarves in schools after an expert commission recommended a ban on "conspicuous" religious signs.

The official commission headed by former minister Bernard Stasi has released its findings on issues relating to religion and the state

French President Jacques Chirac will announce next week whether he supports the commission's recommendation.

The ban would also include the Jewish skull-cap and large Christian crosses.

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